Further maintenance


Regularly scrub your drive…

# btrfs scrub start /mnt/t20raid

# btrfs scrub status /mnt/t20raid
# watch 'btrfs scrub status /mnt/t20raid'

This is example “work in progress”:

Every 2.0s: btrfs scrub status /mnt/t20raid                                                                                                t20: Sun Aug 14 14:39:52 2022

UUID:             9f65175e-ec44-4fbf-a28d-cc10ef1a799e
Scrub started:    Sun Aug 14 14:32:07 2022
Status:           running
Duration:         0:07:40
Time left:        0:09:38
ETA:              Sun Aug 14 14:49:30 2022
Total to scrub:   302.91GiB
Bytes scrubbed:   134.13GiB  (44.28%)
Rate:             298.59MiB/s
Error summary:    no errors found

Note that it can take all your CPU. Also with the amount of data being read/write… You really want to have ECC memory for BTRFS that runs on LUKS.

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